Trip Back to Vietnam -- 2005

In May of this year Pete Korn, John Robertson, Kurt Leudtke, John Moore and Chris Brown went back to Vietnam.  We found it to be a very meaningful trip that stretched our emotions.  This was the way to go back, with friends that you served with and men that shared the same experiences. We visited many sites and said prayer services at the sites of Hue City, Union II, Nong Son and at An Hoa to remember our KIA's.  Here are a few pictures to highlight the trip

DSC03402.jpg (93163 bytes)
Arriving at Hanoi Airport

DSC03462.jpg (127869 bytes) 
JD, Kurt and Brown in front of the new Post Office in Hue City (2nd platoon had great success here in 68).

DSC03542.jpg (87702 bytes)  
Pete and Robby at the Lew Puller school in
 Quang Tri ( a foundation in his name 
supports the school).
DSC03756.jpg (166880 bytes)
     Brown, JD and Kurt climbing up Bach Ma   again (if you think we walk up again 
I have a bridge for sale).
DSC03765.jpg (150407 bytes)
The group at the Bowling Alley swimming 
hole (no one went skinny dipping this time).
DSC03834.jpg (109798 bytes) 
     JD and Brown at The Coal Mines (Notice the new bridge - no need for Am tracks now)
DSC03852.jpg (91318 bytes)
The group at the Fox Company HQ 
site at An Hoa
DSC03880.jpg (80296 bytes)
The group at Liberty Bridge 

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