Hotel Co. Reunion Nov. 9-13, 2011

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Hotel Co. Reunion Nov. 9-13, 2011

#1 Postby jayapeterson » Thu Jan 27, 2011 4:21 am

The count down to this year's Hotel Company reunion has started.  Last year's reunion at Quantinco was a resounding success and this year's will be just as memorable.  The location is Peoria, AZ and is being hosted by brothers Frank and Carlos (Paco) Armenta.  Coincidentally, both Frank and Paco were members of Hotel Company at different times.

The date for this year's reunion is November 9 through the 13th.  The planned hotel is the Ramada Inn located just about 1 mile from Carlos' house. Rooms at the hotel start at $45 per night for seniors. (age 55)   We will be trying to get a better deal with a group discount, but that is already a pretty good rate. The hotel has a buffet style breakfast included.  Paco will be providing a BBQ'd steer at his place.

The dates coincide with both the Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day. We are working on plans for both celebrations that will include a local Veteran's Day Parade and the Marine Corps Birthday Ball.  The Birthday Ball is hosted by the "The Old Breed Detachment"  Marine Corps League Detachment 767. Details will follow when they are confirmed.

As usual we need a head count as to how many people are planning on coming, how many might make it and who is not going to show. This will give us a better idea on what logistics need to be put in place. The latter is so we know who to keep bugging to convince them to show.  If you have not done so already, please contact either Joe Sonderman at: 
or me at: and let us know your status.

I have put up a bunch of the pictures from the three previous reunions.  If you have not been to a reunion yet or if you missed one of them this will give you an idea of what goes on and just how rewarding it can be. You can find the photos at: ... &view=grid

Start clearing your calendars for November 9-13, 2011 and we will see you in Peoria, AZ for our 4th Hotel Company, 2/5 reunion.

Semper Fi

Jay A. Peterson

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