Hotel Co. Reunion After Action Report

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Hotel Co. Reunion After Action Report

#1 Postby jayapeterson » Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:25 am

To All Hotel Marines and Corpsmen:

This year's reunion was a resounding success.  Great location, excellent facilities, wonderful people.  As usual friendships were reignited and new ones made.  However, there was one casualty.  Despite the oft quoted "No Man Left Behind" mantra, we left a man behind.  If we can find a milk carton we plan on sticking his picture on at least one.

A huge thank you needs to go out to Capt. Drez for hosting this year's reunion.  Additionally, Joe Sonderman needs to be thanked, hugged, handshaked, slapped on the back and otherwise lauded for all of his work in organizing the reunion every year as well as this year.  Without Doc Sonderman's commitment the reunions would probably not get off the ground.  There are also all of the rest who help out and without them it would not be the success that it is.

The celebration of the Marine Corps Birthday at the Court of Two Sisters was an elegant affair that everyone enjoyed.  It was my first, but not last introduction to Turtle Soup.  The battlefield tour conducted by Capt. Drez was both informative and interesting.  One very interesting fact was that Judy Drez and Capt. Drez had relatives on the field of battle, but on opposite sides.  (Capt Drez was on the winning side)  The WWII Museum tour was another highlight of the extra curricular activities.  We were given special consideration and treatment by the Museum thanks to Capt. Drez.

Next year's reunion was confirmed for Philadelphia, November 8th through the 11th.  Bob Baldwin has volunteered to host the event.  Doc Hank Kleinot has connections that may get us back door access to one of the local facilities that is otherwise not available to the general public.  He can't guarantee it, but I am putting the pressure on him now by going public with the info.  Charlie McMahon and John Bird have also jump in as volunteers to help. More to follow as we get closer.  At this point just clear the dates on your calendar and standby.

I had a great time at the reunion and hope everyone else did also.  I highly recommend attending next years reunion.  They just keep getting better and better and I am sure that Philly will be no exception.

If you are not on the reunion email list please contact me at:

Jay Peterson

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