Anyone Who Knew PeterNee, H 2/5 '69

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Anyone Who Knew PeterNee, H 2/5 '69

#1 Postby boardman » Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:36 am

Though not a member of 2/5, I am a retired Marine, writing on behalf of another Marine friend, Cottrell Fox, who is looking for anyone who knew an Irish-born Marine, Peter Mary Nee, who was KIA with Hotel 2 / 5 in the Arizona Territory on March 31, 1969.

He is currently corresponding with Nee's sister Imelda in Cashel, Ireland with the intention of erecting a proper headstone at his burial site on a hill high above the town of Cashel.

The purpose is to recognize his USMC service and sacrifice. All he currently knows about Peter is listed on the Virtual Wall website. His sister really knows nothing of his time in 2/5.

They would appreciate any info about his time in 2/5 and particularly about the circumstances of his death.

BTW, My friend was a CAP Marine commander at CAP Hotel 8, 3rd Combined Action Group on 1/31/ 68 when his unit was overrun as a diversion for the attack on Hue.

Hotel 2/5 had been working their area for a month before Tet and a platoon of 2/5 Marines was located about a mile south of their compound when they were overrun and watched as they fought off the NVA by calling arty and â VTâ in on their own position.

2/5 was later ordered to move into Hue from Phu Bai which was about 10 miles north of H-8. Cot was in the hospital with many grunts at Clark and Tripler in Honolulu so his relationship was forged in blood. He would also appreciate any comments from the 2/5 guys who were on that bridge south of his unit that night.

If anyone has any pertinent info, please contact Cottrell Fox by E at or call him at: 314 542 2494 (St. Louis MO)

Semper Fidelis,
F. J. Taylor USMC (Ret.)
Boardman 8)
"See You On The Other Side"

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