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All prices include shipping.  Send your order with a check made out to Fox 2/5 Association to the Treasurer: 

Sam Henderson
3908 Cypress Street
Silver Springs, NV  89429-9394
Cell Phone:  775-980-9603
Email:  deh1262@att.net

NEW Fox 2/5 Challenge Coin now available -- April 22, 2013

From Chris Brown:  

I am sure most of you have a challenge coin of some sort in your possession.

And most of them have some sort of Marine Corps connection.   You walk up to a bar with some Marine Corps buddies and you throw your challenge coin down on the bar and the others have to do likewise.  If you donít have a coin, you buy a round. If everyone has a coin, then the person making the challenge buys the round.  Some Marines just like to collect them. 

I am sure we all can agree that the Fox 2/5 logo is one of the best in the Marine Corps.  Well now we have our own challenge coin with our logo on it. 

To order your coin(s) send your check for $10.00 per coin (includes shipping and handling) to:  

Fox 2/5 Association
c/o Donna Henderson
3908 Cypress Street

Silver Springs, NV  89429-9394

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Hats -- $15
Red or Black

Shirts--$15 or 2 for $25
Sizes:  Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge


Coffee to go Cup -- $5

Unit Patch

3" -- $5 or 12" -- $25


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